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Protect Your Plants from Frost: 5 Things you need to know

Protect Your Plants from Frost: 5 Things you need to know

Our region is facing a very large cold front so we wanted to make sure you knew exactly what to do to protect your plants from the frigid temps.

We compiled a very short list of the 5 most important things to do to protect your plants and trees from frost:

1. Bring in small potted plants: It is extremely important to bring your small potted plants indoors. 

2. Bring larger potted trees/shrubs under cover: A garage, pergola, or even other trees all serve as a protective barrier for larger potted plants. Be sure to cover the roots with blankets or sheets (escpecially any fruit barring tree/shrub).

3. Water well: Believe it or not it is good to give plants/trees a bit of water early in the day. It helps them to withstand the cold temps at night. (Do not over water...just certain animals hybernate and don't need as much food in the Winter, plants are accustomed to not needing nearly as much water in colder temperatures)

4. Do not cut back the damaged branches: Although the dead branches are not attractive, these branches will better protect the healthy part of the plant in future frosts. 

5. Apply mulch/pinestraw: Mulch and pinestraw both create a layer of protection for all plants, trees, and shrubs. It is wise to apply a layer each Spring and Fall to protect plants from hot temps in the Summer and Cold temps in the Winter. 

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