This day in age we are all our own best advocates. We find ourselves having to express our needs, wants, and expectations in order to receive what it is that we are asking for.

The professional landscape industry is no different that any other. It is critical that you are a mindful consumer. You should able to fully express your expectations, and arm yourself with the knowledge of which landscape professional has the qualities and proper expertise that are the best fit you and your property.

A landscape professional needs an authoritative knowledge of the industry. This type of knowledge allows them to tell you what is best to plant in your region. So many things vary from region to region….length of seasons, soil types, temperatures, etc. You don’t want your plants to make it through 3 seasons, you want them to still be growing and thriving for years to come.

comprehensive knowledge based approach is also vital to the success of your garden. Just as you wouldn’t hire a baker who had knowledge of the ingredients, but who had never actually baked a cake before; you shouldn’t hire someone who just knows the names of the plants. An experienced landscape professional will not only know which plants will thrive & where to place them, but also what they will look like in 10 years on your property.

Another aspect to consider while thinking what it is that you want for your property would be…

“Do I actually like this landscape professional’s design style? “

You should consider their taste just as you would your interior designer. The final product should be a beautiful seamless extension of the exterior of your home as well as a reflection of your own personal style.

Last but not least…always ask for references. The experience of designing your garden should be enjoyable, and a landscape professional with great references should give you the peace of mind to enjoy the process and know that your needs, wants, and expectations will be met and that your investment is a good one.



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