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The term “sore thumb” means something that does not blend in with its surroundings.

As landscape architects, our goal is the do the exact opposite. We want a landscape and outdoor living space to seamlessly fit in to the surrounding landscape as if it has been there the whole time.

One of our most recent completed projects is a perfect example of combining a client’s interest with the existing elements to create something special. At this existing 10 year old home, we incorporated several of the architectural design elements into our landscape design. The color and type of stone, the color of the pool deck, and natural boulders were all chosen with the existing property and home as a guide. We designed the shape of the pool, pool deck, and path ways with natural lines to fit the style and slope of the property.

Natural elements are not only very important to the overall look of a landscape design, but also just as important for the sustainability and longevity of the finishes. We all know it can be fun to incorporate unusual materials and exotic plants, but a great design always takes into account the existing surroundings and environment for their long term relevance of the materials. 

At Charles Miller Companies, we provide our clients with a personal, hands on experience to create seamlessly beautiful landscapes that will  grow and flourish over time. We know the importance of using the right quality materials and plants to create a perfect outdoor living space.

Please take a look below to see the before and after photos of this project…


As you can see whether your home is new or existing, you can feel completely confident that we have the experience and expertise to incorporate an absolutely beautiful living space that will bring joy, entertainment, and relaxation to you and your family for years to come.

Take a fresh look at things from our perspective and you may be surprised what you can see…..
To view all the photos of this project, please visit our gallery page and click on “Log Cabin Retreat”.


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