Making the Right Choice for your Interior Pool Colour

3 Important Factors In Choosing The Right Interior Colour For Your Pool


As a pool owner, not only do you want your pool to be high-quality and stand the test of time, but you also want it to fit the overall aesthetic of your home. One of the choices that often stumps new pool or spa owners is the interior colour selection.


Did you know that there is much more to picking the right interior colour than just style? Let’s break down three essential factors that should go into choosing the right colour of your pool or spa.

Top 3 Factors In Choosing The Right Colour Of Your Custom Pool Or Spa

1. Look & Feel 

Obviously, one of the most important aspects of choosing an interior colour is your personal preference. This is your pool, so make sure its interior is a colour and texture that meets the overall aesthetic of your home.


There are several popular colours that today’s modern pools and spas can have, each with its own unique impacts on water features.


  • White: Cost effective and neutral colouring that goes with any aesthetic.


  • Blue: Blue colouring will help the pool or spa water have a crystal-blue and vibrant look.


  • Gray: Some pool owners love to have their pool have more of an ocean-water look. Gray is the way to go for a more natural colouration.


2. Temperature

Did you know that interior pool colour goes beyond the look? The water temperature of your pool or spa can be impacted by the colour itself. 


In general, darker interior pool colours will increase the temperature of the water, as the dark colour absorbs natural and artificial light and transfers that energy into heat. Lighter colours, in contrast, are better at reflecting the light hitting the surface of the water – keeping your water cooler overall. 


3. Energy Costs

Directly related to the temperature of your pool or spa water, interior colour can also have an impact on your overall costs. 


A darker color may help reduce your energy costs if you have a heated pool, as it takes less time and power to heat the water. If you struggle to keep your water cooled down in hot climates, lighter colours will push away the harsh heat – and potentially extend the life of your pool or spa’s interior materials.


Pick The Right Interior Colour For Your Custom Pool 

Are you wondering which pool or spa colour is best for you? Contact our team today to book your consultation to learn more about various available colour options – as well as work with a pool and spa expert to pick the perfect shade for you!

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