The Driving Force Behind Some Of Our Most Intricate Designs

So much goes into planning, creating, and designing an outdoor living space. We spend a great deal of time listening to what our clients vision for their space. We ask them a great deal of questions through out the process, and some of the questions are not ones they would typically expect. 

Our questions are related to what they want to see, hear, or even smell from the interior of their house.

Sounds strange….but do you want to hear running water from a waterfall all night and day? Do you want to see the pool lights at night from your bedroom window? Do you want to smell the smoke from the grill from your living room?

Our questions even go into what seasons are your favorite to spend outdoors, and what exactly is it that you enjoy doing during those seasons?

Do you like to grill in the Summer, do you like to sit in your spa when it is hot outside, do you have small children who want to cook smores in the Fall?

The answers to this question help us to creative a “thoughtful” design. We want to make sure you are enjoying your property year round. 

We absolutely love the outdoors, and they is obviously why we do what we do. What truly drives us is helping others enjoy the outdoors more than they ever have…and they don’t even have to leave their properties to do so! 

Take a look at the video below and hear directly from Charles about our driving force. A bonus is you get to see some of our most intricate landscape and pool designs over the years. 



Molly Stanton

Molly Stanton

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